Iowa Straw Poll Warning

Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul polled 57% of the vote at the Iowa Straw Poll!  A big deal?  Maybe! Or maybe not!  Neither will be the ultimate nominee of the Republican Party, so what is the message?  Loud and clear, Hawkeyes sent a message to the country that they are fed up with big, intrusive government.  When a Libertarian and a Tea Party supporter can overwhelm their opponents by such a wide margin, it is a flashing neon light…..if politicians are paying attention!

Giddy progressive liberals are chuckling to themselves!  Goody, goody!  A Bachmann victory means that the GOP has swung so far right that Obama can sweep back into the White House easily!  A 67-year old antique dealer in Des Moines, who voted for Bachmann, was asked if she would vote for Rick Perry (or any other Republican) and she responded, “I will crawl over broken glass to vote for him.  Because I am done!”  The liberal left has discounted the frustration of America by trying to demonize the Tea Party followers.   Hard-core conservatives are but a small ripple of the wave that is swelling against Obama.  The left is too arrogant to open their minds to the swinging of the political pendulum.  Stay in denial……that is an all-to-comfortable place for the left!!

P.S.  Say goodbye to Pawlenty….and it won’t be long before Santorum and Newt throw in the towel.  Huntsman’s last stand will be in New England!

P.S.S.  Rick Perry and Mitt will battle it out for the nomination!

P.S.S.S.  All bets are off if Christie decides to wade into the presidential pool!


4 responses to “Iowa Straw Poll Warning

  1. Crazy-eyes won the straw poll! That is good news. The GOP has been radicalized by the Tea Party! I know you hate, but I love it!

  2. My prayers are that you are right on target with this message. Surely the American people can see what is happening at this juncture. Of course, around 40% are on the government dole, therefore, they agree totally with what is taking place.

  3. Atlantic….You are right about the 40%! 95% of blacks, 75% of Hispanics, and all liberals will vote for Obama even if he burns the American flag on the White House steps! A sad commentary on the state of this once great union. It seems that this president’s record is of no consequence to a growing population in our “nanny” state!

  4. The Ames Straw Poll is a presidential straw poll taken by Iowa Republicans. The winner in 2007 was Mitt Romney. Ultimately the more menaingful Iowa caucus was won by Mike Huckabee. You can see former Governor Huckabee on Fox News every Saturday night. Neither Romney or Huckabee garnered the Republican nomination in 2008.

    I suspect Bachmann will not be the 2011 Republican standard bearer. However, she is much more qualified for the presidency than the community organizer/consitutional law lecturer that faked his way to the presidency in 2008.

    It is much more difficult to get the Republican nomination. Most Republican primary voters can read, write, and speak English. They are also registered to vote under their own name.

    It is a new ball game in 2012. Smooth sloganeering will not be enough to offset a dismal record.

    Enjoy the bus ride, Barry. Pretty soon you are going to need one of those private jets you deride on the stump.

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