Other Than That, How Was The Play, Mrs. Lincoln?*

Everyday I surf the internet in an attempt to stay current on Republican and Democrat policy proposals. I also track the major poll numbers for President Obama and his would-be 2012 Republican rivals.  It’s also fun to read press reports on the statements made by and about the 2012 presidential contenders, especially the current commander-in-chief.  Although there is too much material to share here, a review of the day’s headlines tells a pretty clear tale.

Obama (Gallup Approval Rating) Hits 39%, Worst May Still Lay Ahead (Kuhn – RCP)

Dems’ support for Obama re-election falls (CNN/ORC poll)

Obama Approval in Danger Zone (Washington Post)

Obama’s Policies Destroying Wealth at Rapid Rate (Finley –
Detroit News)

A Jobs Agenda, Anyone? (New York Times)

Empire State Sours on Obama (New York Post)

68% Say Worse Economy Is Yet to Come (McClatchty-Marist

Most (54%) Think Obama Too Far Left (Rasmussen poll)

Most Iowa Voters (53%) Disapprove of Obama’s Performance

-61% of Iowa independents disapprove

Romney Slams O’s ‘Magical Misery Tour’ (nice $1.1 million buses) (Drudge Report)

Is Obama Stupid or Smart? (U.S. News)-Rhetorical question?

Obama’s Green Pet, Evergreen Solar, Goes Bankrupt (Drudge Report)

-Promised 800 jobs, got stimulus money, laid off 800 people and moved the jobs to China
-$58 million in federal subsidies and, ultimately, $485.6 in debt.

Obama to automakers: ‘You can’t just make money on SUVs and
trucks’ (The Hill)

-A viable product is one that (1) can be produced at a price that at least covers the costs of production; and (2) the public wants.  (Eco 101, Mr. President)

Don’t Mess with Texas’s Economic Record (Hemingway – The Weekly Standard)

Perry Wows Waterloo (Time)

First Perry Ad Focuses on Jobs (Warren– The Weekly Standard)

-Mr. President:   National job growth, not just your job.

Today President Obama stated that he will be proposing a specific,  job creation agenda in September. He is over eighteen months into his failing Presidency.  Unemployment is up almost a full two percentage points since Obama took office. The national debt is up about $4 trillion on Obama’s watch.  A three-day campaign tour and a ten-day vacation is all that stands between Obama a growth agenda.  Lets not hold our breath.  

Likely Headline for November 2012:  Perry Trounces Obama (every
periodical in the world)

*Thanks to a guest contributor!


One response to “Other Than That, How Was The Play, Mrs. Lincoln?*

  1. Oh, Happy Day if all of this is true and the outcome is what is perdicted with these headlines.

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