Happy Birthday, Elvis!!

Michelle Bachmann portrayed herself as a goof….again….by shouting, “Happy Birthday, Elvis!” on the anniversary of his death at a drive-in joint in Spartansburg, SC!  Later, Bachmann tried to cover her remark by claiming that Elvis is “alive in our hearts!”  Earlier, in June, on the eve of her presidential campaign announcement, she said that she was proud to be from Waterloo, Iowa; and shared the spirit of John Wayne!  The only problem with her comment was that John Wayne was  not from Waterloo;  the Duke was born in Winterset, IO!  John Wayne Gacy, however, lived in Waterloo where the serial killer raped and murdered 33 teenage boys and young men!  Michelle, that is two snafus!  One more and you are done!  Heck, make a couple of more goofy comments since you are finished, anyway!  Ugh!!!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Elvis!!

  1. If Bachmann is the best the GOP has to offer, then President is a shoo-in for a second term! I think he gets elected easily regardless which Tea Party nut is chosen!

  2. We are going to carry at least 35 of the 57 states!!!

  3. Deb….nice touch!

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