MSNBC – Leaning Forward, Going Backwards

I never thought I would miss Keith Olbermann!!!  But the MSNBC programming that includes Ed Schultz/Rachael Maddow/Melissa Harris-Perry, etc., has lost any objectivity and credibility with their “lean forward” mantra.  Harris-Perry, subbing for Maddow, is so malevolent in her views of the majority of Americans, she must be a very miserable person.  Growing up in Virginia, the child of a black father and white mother, both activists,  I suppose that Harris-Perry never had a chance to develop an objective view of the world.  Unlike Maddow and Schultz (the not-so-loveable buffoon), who simply play to the left-wing audience (limited as it may be),  Harris-Perry seems to be a true believer that Republicans are the spawn of the devil and that George Bush is Beelzebub incarnate!  Her spew is not as theatrical  as Maddow and Schultz; it seems more from her heart….not just a gimmick to pump up ratings for a flailing network!  At least FOX offers a counter point view on almost all issues.  MSNBC simply invites the same old progressive hacks to each segment….a grouping of like-minded twits that will not tolerate any opposing view.   MSNBC makes no pretense of being fair or balanced.   Jeff Immelt must be a happy man!


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