Dave’s Putter is Hurt!!! **

I have had the pleasure of playing more than a thousand rounds of golf with Dave.  Our golfing adventures span a period of two decades. Dave is a quiet man who expresses himself through mannerisms more than words.  Loyal followers of Bob’s blog remember Dave as the guy who incessantly searches for golf balls.  Dave rejects blemished golf balls declaring them “hurt”.  Today, Dave  “hurt” his putter.

Putting is the most frustrating element of the game of golf.  Even the shortest of putts, stroked perfectly can lead to misses.  Regardless of skill level, golfers tend to have a love/hate relationship with their putters.  Today Dave severed all ties
with his Ping putter.  He broke it.  Struggling all morning on the greens, Dave finally had enough.  He snapped his putter above the hosel.  Dave finished the round putting with his 2 iron acquitting himself quite nicely.

This episode tells you a lot about Dave.  He is a skilled player.  Check the bags of most golfers today and you won’t find a 2 iron.  The 2 iron is a relic of golf technology.  Hybrids (Dave calls them deer toes) are much easier to hit.
Dave is smart.  He broke his putter by leaning on it with his body weight.
Many golfers break clubs with their hands sometimes leading to severe injury.  Dave is passionate about the game of golf.  Just because he does not say much does not mean he does not care.  All three in our little group have grandchildren now.  We regularly swap stories about the little ones.  My granddaughter loves to hear tales about the critters at the golf course. I think this week I’ll share with her a story about a two-legged critter that broke his putter.  Of course, I’ll
embellish the story a bit.  I‘ll tell her he broke it so it would fit her.

**My pals, Dave and Freddy, make a tedious the game worth the frustrations; and, if you are a golfer, you know what I mean!  Thanks to Freddy for sharing his day with us!


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