Trumka – ACL/CIO & Obama Administration

Richard Trumka, President of the AFL/CIO labor union has visited the Obama White House every two and one-half weeks since he was elected to the head of the labor union in September 2009!  In fact, he admits that he speaks to someone in the White House every day!  Is that a surprise to you?  Maybe not, but it is to me!  Before his stint as ALF/CIO president, he was an official with the United Mine Workers.  Trumka has a long history of confrontation with management of various companies.  But, that is his job….defending the rights of his members and trying to improve wages and working conditions!  The question is:  When does the labor union rights override the rights of the companies that supply the jobs that fund the union activities?  In Trumka’s case, there is nothing that he won’t do that will tie the hands of management even it the result is a strike that cripples a town…..or an economy!

It may interest you that less than 7% of PRIVATE sector employees are represented by unions; whereas 36% of FEDERAL employees are in a union.  Overall, in 2010,  unions represented only 12% of the American workforce.  Yet, their influence on the political landscape would suggest that the unions are far more effective than private companies in shaping the policies of the federal government.  Perhaps, Trumka is earning his pay….$250,ooo per year plus benefits and an ample expense account!

It seems incredulous to me that any lobbyist would have a need to visit Obama or someone in the White House as often as Trumka has been in Washington.  What about you?


9 responses to “Trumka – ACL/CIO & Obama Administration

  1. The unions have always been a communist front to destroy America. From the beginning they have been out to destroy capital. See how they destroyed the U.S. automakers? With unrealistic pay and benefits they destroy the capital, which in turn results in poorer quality, bad, cheaply done designs, and of course, lower sales. It is this way in every industry that is unionized. The workers, of course, think they deserve high wages, even though they are uneducated with nothing else to hang their hat on but the union. Then the union takes their money, buys political influence, and their friends in the White House and congress bails them out of their unprofitable businesses. It results in cities like Detroit- run down, race-baiting, slum-ridden, shells of humanity. All to keep people like Trumka flush with cash and power, while the little people remain deceived and poor.

    Other than this, unions are just peachy! 🙂

  2. Obama’s chief tool to help unions is to use the NLRB to quash jobs (Boeing/South Carolina vs NLRB) and attempt to get card check through Congress (failed). Obama has used the NLRB and EPA to accomplish what he could not do legislatively! A one-termer….hopefully!

  3. Crooks are crooks whereever you put them or find them. They just happen to be over-running the White House right now due to who lives in the White House right now. I sure hope this changes after the next election. We have had corrupt leaders in the past, however, the during the last 3 years, it has been beyond anything I have seen in my lifetime.

    • Ditto, I’m glad to hear that people are seeing what is going on.I hope that all see that this is not a race issue but rather an issue of truth. Nobama is not truthful, PERIOD. I just can’t believe that this phony got elected to the highest office in the land.

  4. The heyday of private sector unions is behind us. Unions were in their ascendancy when workplace rules were either lax or nonexistent. Unions rightfully can claim credit for putting an end to legal sweatshops. They have led to a number of other workplace improvements like rules on safety and health, overtime, and medical leave. Unionized workers also get about a 20% wage premium, 28% if benefits are taken into consideration.

    Global competition has stifled the growth of private sector unions. Few are willing to pay a premium for an American made product when a product of equal or better quality can be produced overseas or in a right to work state.

    Government unions enjoy a monopoly. Until recently government coffers were readily tapped to fund the ever increasing union demands. The recent events in Wisconsin show that times are changing.

    Union goons like Trumpka bought and paid for Obama and the Democrat Congressional delegation. Recent actions by the NLRB against Boeing show that Trumpka and his ilk are reaping a return for their campaign contributions. Formation of a Super PAC will only strengthen the grip of the unions on Obama and the Democrat party.

    Obama and the Democrats will keep dancing as the unions call the tune. The playlist is delivered about every sixteen days.

  5. I posted this at the wrong page, I’m reposting it here and I would welcome a comment.
    Micrite | September 5, 2011 at 4:23 pm | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hey Bob,,
    I’m a 60 yr old wasp, married for most of that time to my Alaska Native sweetheart (38 yrs), so marriage can work.
    I’ve worked for over 33 yrs in the puplic sector as a hi-volt electrician and have done well w/ $.
    What’s bugging the holy hello out of me is the public sector unions and especially that no good Trumka and his ilk. Plus the tie to Nobama (my name for him).. Scott Walker is a hero to me!
    WHY can’t the people put it together? They have no clue as to how corrupt and inefficient the combination of unions, civil servive coupled w/ dems in power makes things. Their pension benefits are a crime! At Seattle City light the pay is high and to offset that the work out put is low! At the WA state level it is even worse, no kidding! Believe me, I see it everyday.
    Is their any hope that these thugs can be put in their place?
    I’m very curious to see Trumka’s expence account. Is there a way to find this number?
    Frustrated in Edmonds, WA

    PS. Politically, I would describe myself as an independent with a generally conservative view of government. But depending on the issue, I could be left, right or centrist; and I could be a republican, democrat, or libertarian! If there was a “common sense” party, I would be a huge supporter! THAT’S ME

  6. micrite….Try Google! I’ll bet you can get a pretty good estimate of his expense account and his administrative allowance for relatives, etc., paid as his staff!!

  7. I’ve tried google w/ limited success on the trumka pay package issue. It’s just so sad that people fail to see what unions are doing in the public sector. I’m now watching nobama deliver a speech, same ol’ stuff, collective bargining is a right, etc. Collective Bargining ie, forced membership in union and forced to pay the trumkaites.

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