Another Warning for Obama and the Dems

Republican novice and businessman, Bob Turner, has won a special election over Democrat David Weprin to replace disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner who resigned over a sexting scandal.  This is the first time a Republican has held this seat in the House since 1926…..85 years!!!!!  Weprin’s strategy was to assure voters that he would protect Medicare!  This time the voters showed the darkening mood of the country for the policies of the Obama administration.  High unemployment, a sagging economy, unbridled federal spending, and the debt ceiling negotiations were too much for the liberals in NY to stomach.

Also, Republican Mark Amodei won a  landslide victory in another special election in Neveda…..a critical swing presidential state.  The internal polls in the White House must have the DNC shaking in their boots.  Look out, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, your house of cards is starting to topple!

2012 – The End of an Error!


One response to “Another Warning for Obama and the Dems

  1. The Dems held this seat since 1923! Debbie Wasserman-Shultz says the seat was lost because it was a tough seat for a Democrat. Democrats outnumber Republicans in NY-9 by 3:1. Jay Carney says the losss of this seat says nothing about Obama and his policies. Apparently the Dems are preaching to the same gullible choir that launched Obama into the White House.

    Cuomo and (Slick Willy) Clinton recorded radio posts that ran in the NY-9 district leading up to Tuckers win. The only thing the Dems did not try was trotting Obama out in a yamaca. That may be next.

    Thank you for endorsing Rep-elect Tucker, Mayor Koch. Your straight talk is refreshing.

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