Serena Williams – Chair Umpire is a “Hater”

Serena Williams, the best female tennis professional that America has to offer, made a spectacle of herself at the 2011 US Open tennis tournament in New York before a national television audience……again!   In the process of losing to Samantha Stosur in straight sets, Serena reprised her sad, immature act of 2009 when he blew a gasket in a match with Kim Clijsters.  In the Clijsters match, a line judge called a “foot fault” against the queen of tennis. Serena’s response was to curse the judge out while imposing her physical stature on a little Asian lady who took the verbal abuse until she had enough.  This year, Serena berated the chair umpire, Eva Asderaki, who had called a code violation on a critical point in the match.  Once again, Serena went ballistic and called the umpire a “hater” and said that Asderaki was “unattractive inside!”  One can only assume what Serena meant when she said “hater” to the umpire….but I have my view of what she really meant.   She, then, showed her patriotism by yelling that “this is America” as if, somehow, that would solve the issue that she, Serena, had violated a rule of tennis.  Between sets, she continued to press the issue with the chair umpire saying, “don’t even look at me!”   Serena was fined $2,000 for her antics….a pittance to her.   Her behavior is another example of a highly paid athlete making a fool of themselves with little or no consequence….a pitiful lesson for the youth of America that witnessed her tirade when she was simply outplayed by a worthy opponent!  Stosur took the high road during Serena’s meltdown and then quickly dispatched Williams from center court.  A great day for Stosur was spoiled by the childish tantrums of Serena.  “Hater!”  I don’t think so!  Serena took the court thinking that she was going to make short work of Stosur!  Over-confidence turned into uncontrolled frustration in a New Your minute!


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