Tragedy in Bastrop….and Faith

The wild fires in Bastrop, TX., have destroyed over 1,400 homes and upwards of 40,000 acres.  Pictures on the ‘net show the wide-spread devastation caused as wind-whipped flames tore through tinder dry foliage and trees.  I was planning a trip to the area and contacted a local Bastrop hotel to get some rate and availability information.  The lady working at the hotel, let’s call her Ruth, was very cordial on the phone and, in passing, I asked her if the fire was under control, yet.  Ruth responded that the fire was out in her subdivision.  As anyone would do, I asked Ruth if she had incurred any damage from the fire.  In a calm voice, Ruth said, “We lost everything!”  My heart sank and went out to her!  She said that it would be OK since she got her family members and dogs to safety before her home virtually exploded in flames.  I did not know how to respond to Ruth’s tragedy.  So, I asked if she had insurance…..thankfully, she did!  Ruth went on to say that her faith in God would see her and her family through the crisis…..and that she felt she had a blessed life.

So, when you think your problems are bad, just think about Ruth.   She has nothing; but, she is at peace with her situation and looking forward to rebuilding!  God bless you, Ruth!  With your positive attitude, things will work out!


One response to “Tragedy in Bastrop….and Faith

  1. Sure hope West Texas gets lots of rain very soon. I love America because of the attitude of Americans like Ruth. This country was built on faith and attitude that she displayed to you. May God bless her and bring back riches to her.

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