Radicals in London – Can It Happen Here?

A friend sent the following to me recently.  The images are frightening; and no one in London would have predicted these demonstrations of hatred just 25 years ago.  Europe (France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, etc.) has pursued an era of “multiculturalism”  which their European leaders are now questioning.  Can this happen in America?  You can answer that for yourself!  My friend writes……

I believe the world may likely be setting up for a Holy War.  With the  rise of the wealth in the Middle East and the loss of some of  the past Power Nations and their
wealth,  who were more peace minded than the Middle East countries,  I think the world could very likely see a Holy War at some point in the future.  I say this because of the absolute hate many Muslims have for Christians.

Like 9/11, they will not rest until they take us out or at least, try.  It will depend upon who gets, and is willing to use, nuclear power.   As the wealth is transferred out of the peaceful minded nations to those who want to eliminate all Christians, we  will see great changes.
Take a slow look around this country as well as the world to see what has happened during the past 25 years; then give it another 25 years and envision what could  possibly happen.  I pray every day I am wrong.    However, without some type of quick change, this old world is headed for real trouble.  In the past, the good old USA had the vision, the strength of character, the military strength and the  money to stop any aggressor.   We are losing that position very fast.
I know I sound like a pessimist.  Yet, I have lived my whole life as an optimist and truly believe that all things are possible.  What I ‘think’ I see coming is not what I want to see.   I think the problem is much greater than a fringe group of radical militants. I sure hope I am wrong about this!

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