Another Warning… the GOP & Obama

Herman Cain,  the pizza guy, kicked Rich Perry and Mitt Romney in the solar plexus in the Florida Straw Poll  taking 37% of the votes cast.  Admittedly, this is mostly conservative, Tea Party folks, but it underlies the growing discontent with the way Congress and Obama are failing to listen to the public.  Mainstream politicians are in lots of trouble…..and they know it!  The GOP is in total disarray after the poor showing of Rick Perry in the two recent televised debates.  A majority of Republicans don’t want either Romney or Perry….so, Perry’s disappointing performance keeps the hopes of Bachmann, Santorum, etc., alive!  I predict that neither of the presumed front-runners will get the GOP nomination.  You can be sure that the hierarchy of the GOP is on Chris Christie’s case every day.  A Christie/Rubio ticket is a sure winner…..if Chris can be convinced to seek the nomination.

Furthermore, the incumbent Democrats should be rethinking their positions and move to the center if they expect to get re-elected.  Obama, the whiner, is in full campaign mode trying to rally his base….but, it is too late for him!

My concern is the situation is so bad for both parties, it makes it easy  for a Third Party candidate to mount a campaign.  If so, Obama will win re-election easily.  So, GOP, get your act together!  Time is NOT on your side!


One response to “Another Warning… the GOP & Obama

  1. God help us if Palin looks at the Repub problems and decides to enter the race! If this numb-skull was to throw her bra into the race, it would really turn into a cluster-(you know what)!

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