F-You, Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie, you stand tall at the Reagan Library and deliver a presidential-type speech criticizing the Obama administration; but you won’t commit to run for the highest office in the country where you could right the wrongs you say have been perpetrated on the citizens of this great country.  You are a coward!  America needs you to step up to the plate and take a swing for democracy!  A real patriot/leader would throw himself on the sword and try to make a difference…..not just pontificate about the mess in Washington and then recoil into their rat-hole waiting for the next moment to emerge and spew some more venom!   You are in position to make a real difference…instead, you choose to sit in the dugout  on the sidelines.  I don’t know if there is an ugly skeleton in your closet,  or you  are too scared of the challenge, or if you are just a narcissist.  Either way,  you are no good for POTUS!  I, and many others, had high hopes for you….but, you have let us down!  Now, we don’t care about you or what happens to you!  Maybe a Democratic candidate will kick your butt in your re-election bid for governor!  You are dead to me….enjoy life in the land-fills of Jersey!


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