Crime and the Obama Effect-More Ridiculous Spin

The following was posted on AOL by the Huffington Post on 10/6/11; read and weep about logic of even putting this in print.   His approval ratings may be dismal, but some think President Obama may be responsible for the continually declining crime rate.

Slate reports that conventional criminological thinking would predict that crime would go up in the midst of economic hardship. But even as the economy remains sickly, crime continues to drop.

Some experts think Obama may be responsible. Essentially, the argument is that Obama’s election has created such collective inspiration that it has changed the thinking and the behavior of would-be criminals.

What a pile of steaming bullshit!  The spin makes me sick to my stomach!  Yeah, he is the Easter Bunny, too!  Does the Huffington Post have no shame?


One response to “Crime and the Obama Effect-More Ridiculous Spin

  1. Freedom, by the way

    He will take credit for anything & everything that is good…and will blame his predecessor and congress for everything bad. (With lots and lots of cheerleading from the lame stream media).

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