Wall Street Protesters – Woodstock Re-visited!

The lost souls that are protesting on Wall Street against those heartless capitalists remind me of the people who partied hard at Woodstock in 1969 kick-starting the “entitlement” movement that paralyzes America today!  Some of the Wall Street protesters are there only because they are being paid to do so; others are there holding signs in English that they cannot read because they only know Spanish!  The group is a mixture of socialists, communists, frustrated youth, disillusioned seniors, leftists, labor union leaders, and bystanders that have no real message except……I deserve a share of  YOUR success!  MoveOn.org (Soros’ pet project), the SEIU, and the teachers union have joined in the fray to protest God only knows what!?!?!  The protests are gaining strength across the country as college campuses ripe with young people with too much time on their hands (like the dufus in the photo right) lend another voice to the chorus of “eat the rich!”  Funny thing happened after Woodstock…..many of those hippies became the leaders on Wall Street that are now being castigated as being horrible, greedy, selfish people.  Time tends to help people grow up!

Of course, Obama is loving this distraction from the failing policies of his administration.  The stimulus package that did not work, Obamacare that most people hate and fear, Solyndra…a green energy wet-dream that gave the taxpayers a $500 million haircut, and Operation “Fast and Furious” (putting guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels) where  Attorney General Eric Holder cannot remember his lines are all examples of the dismal Obama administration!

Even Joe Biden (remember him, the vice-president) said today that any GOP candidate could beat Obama in 2012.  Finally, Joe has a lucid moment!!!


3 responses to “Wall Street Protesters – Woodstock Re-visited!

  1. The United States has seen many difficult times in its history and many times when it has united, remember right after 9/11, but with that said, I sure hope the next President is able to unite the people to solve some of the serious problems we have on the road ahead of us. All of the above are symptoms of the problems. We need a “Problem Solver” and there are such people among us. Let us hope and “pray” the American people with recognize and elect such a person….

  2. And our president is cheering these protesters on! Nice of him to try to unite the country! As I look at the crowd, I see a bunch of young people that should be looking for jobs and many burned out, old hippies who are looking for the long-past glory days of doobie heaven! If they are angy now, wait until Obama is defeated in 2012…they will be suicidal!!

  3. I fear that these protests are going to turn nasty as the left pumps the protesters up with more progressive hype. To see children carrying signs that they have no understanding of and people being paid to attend the rally is going well beyond fair. With Pelosi, etc., fanning the flames, it won’t be long until someone is hurt. Then this whole distraction will become an embarrassment to the Obama faithful!

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