“You are on your own!” – Obama Speech

President Obama, the Great Divider, inferred that if he was not re-elected next year,  America would be left in the hands of a bunch of Republicans that would screw everybody!  If not re-elected, you could not get a student loan, medical care, a mortgage, or any fair treatment from the government.  What an arrogant sentiment.  Of course, Obama was campaigning (on the taxpayer dole) in a hotbed of liberal thought in San Francisco! His message is clear:  Without ME to take care of you, YOU are doomed!  Can you say, narcissist!  Frankly, I hope he loses in a landslide and we all get a chance to find out what life without Barack would be like!  Without Obama, I am betting the stock market would soar, unemployment would fall, and the national debt would begin to come down!  I say, “Bring it on!”  Hope and Change has not worked!   Promised transparency has been an illusion!  Division and partisanship within the country is high!  And, civility has vanished into the night!

Obama must go!  It is a shame that the only candidates that the GOP can muster are a tired, old pizza salesman, a flip-flopper, and another governor from Texas!  God help us all!


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