Cain is not Able!

Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, has had a meteoric rise in the GOP polls in the past few weeks as Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, and the other cast of losers, have stepped on their tongues….and worse!  Romney is the only candidate that  has maintained his support level.  Since he is a centrist (not a conservative), he does not appeal to the right leaning members of the Republican Party.  But the party faithful know Romney is the best chance to defeat Obama in 2012….and they will support him in November 2012!  Chris Christie would have been a better candidate…..but that was the subject of a prior post!

While Perry messed his pants, Bachmann focused on her fake nails, and Newt, etc., did nothing, Mr. Cain rode his 9-9-9 plan to the top of the polls among conservative Republicans.  That is the good news….the bad news for Cain is that he has zero chances of getting the GOP nomination.  Even hard-core conservatives who hate Romney realize that Cain is no match for Obama and the progressive left machine.  Why,  you ask???  Here are just 4 reasons that Cain will never win the nomination….(and, I could have made the list much longer!)

First,  he joked about electrifying a fence along the U.S. border with Mexico that would kill illegal immigrants.  He apologized; but, the damage had been done!  Only skin-heads would support such an action.  Jokes about immigration will not gain any favors from the electorate.

Second, he said he would negotiate with terrorists…..oops!  Another mistake and another clarification!  Herman, buddy, that is not going to cut it!

Next, he caused a stir on CNN when he said he strongly opposed abortion.
He even promised to sign an amendment to the Constitution to that effect!  Little problem here, Herman, the POTUS has no authority or responsibility for Constitutional matters.  That is left to the Congress and the states.

Lastly, when it became clear that his famous “9-9-9” plan would increase taxes on the lowest income families,  he said he would exclude the poorest people and allow some deductions.  The main feature of the “9-9-9” plan was its simplicity!  Now Herman has waffled on his new plan…..maybe it is not a new plan, just a modification of the old plan!  Pleeezzze!!!

Regardless, Cain will soon be another also-ran relegated to the fringes of the party!  In a year or so, he and Rich Santorum will have something in common.  They will be forgotten losers!


3 responses to “Cain is not Able!

  1. Agreed. He’s demonstrated his tactlessness many times. One more example you could add to your list: when he told the Occupy Wall st. protestors that they were “just jealous.”

    Whether you support the “movement” or not, this is clearly not a person you want to be a diplomatic figure in any time of crisis. He’ll just “nana nana boo boo” his opponents.

  2. The single most important thing that Cain has brought to the table is a discussion of the tax code. Perhaps, some changes will be made as a result of the spotlight. However, it is doubtful since Congress seems incapable of agreeing on anything that would make sense and move the country forward. The divisive, bi-partisan mood in Washington has crippled the debate. Obama’s presidency has created a sharper divide within the country; and he and his cronies are doing nothing to repair the split. Their legislative agenda has been poor (to be kind); their unwillingness to address the national debt is clear; and Obama does not govern….he campaigns! Too bad for America!

  3. Now that Cain has proved himself to be a dirty old man and Perry has proved himself to be….well, Rick, we are stuck with flip-flopping Romney! Time for Newt to make a charge. At least, he would be able to beat Obama down in televised debates!

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