Wall Street Protester – Nice!!!

Need I say more!  I thought it was a crime to defecate on the American flag!  What about public indecency?  Chances are this person will not vote!  But, he has made his parents proud!!!!!!!!!!


4 responses to “Wall Street Protester – Nice!!!

  1. Unbelievable. Why do we never use ‘treason’ laws anymore? Have we become such an uncaring country to allow such conduct? Would any other country allow this behavior without any response from its citizens? What are our options and what is the responsible response? I am without any answers. Someone, please give me focus on this……

  2. Obama’s Justice Department will attack states’ over immigration, run guns to the Mexican drug cartels, and fail to prosecute the executives of Solyndra; but, it is permissible for a protester to take a crap on the flag during a rally the administration supports! Actually, this is typical of what the Obama administration has done for the past 2+ years….crap on us all! God help us!

  3. This is disgusting behaviour! Imagine what the parents paid to educate this moron!

  4. I have come to the conclusion that Bill Maher, the left-wing boob that I despise, is right! Americans are stupid! If Obama is re-elected with all the problems that have popped up since his inauguration, then I guess we get what we deserve. This photo of a young man making a fool of himself with no consequences shows how far this country has fallen!

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