Tonight, NBC demonstrated complete left-wing media bias as John Harwood, Jim Cramer, Steve Liesman, and Maria Bartiromo tried their best to ask entrapping questions of the GOP candidates for President.  It was totally shameful the way they conducted themselves.  Despite the “gotcha” questions, all of the GOP candidates rose above the pettiness of the moment and delivered solid performances.  Even Rick Perry did a good job (until his brain freeze)….and Herman Cain did not disappoint.  The real winners were Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  Newt would make Obama look like the fool he is in a one-on-one debate!  Nice try NBC!  Good job…..GOP!


One response to “GOP CNBC Debate

  1. It was tasteless to say the least. What is Maria trying to communicate with her hands in the picture? The length of the salami she likes or the breadth of her inability to ask good questions?

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