Mike McQueary – An Accomplice?

When Mike McQueary failed to stop the assault and rape of a 10 year-old boy by a former Penn State University coach,  Jerry Sandusky, he committed the ultimate moral failure.  Just ask a simple question:  If you walked up on a man sodomizing your pre-teen son, would you walk away and think about it?  Or would you pick up the nearest weapon and bash the perpetrator in the head?   Almost any person with any sense of moral responsibility would have done the latter…..and then called the police!  McQueary,  at the time, a 28 year-old, former quarterback for the Nittany Lions (now called the Wimpin’ Pussies), was physically able to stop the crime as it took place.  Instead, he punted!  He allowed this monster to continue his heinous act and, perhaps, allowed him to commit the same crime on others for 9 more years.  Mike….how can you live with yourself?  You are a coward?  An enabler of a pediophile!  Disgusting!

The grand jury stated that McQueary said that he was surprised to find the lights on in the shower late in the evening in 2002.   Furthermore, he described the sounds of the rape as “rhythmic slapping” as the young boy, with his hands on the shower wall, was brutalized by Sandusky.  And, McQueary turned away!  In a day or so, he told Joe Paterno, who, in turn, told the Athletic Director Tim Curley and PSU Vice President Gary Shultz…who also did nothing!  All of these people have been fired or put on administrative leave.  And all of them should face criminal penalties…..including Paterno.  They were all part of the cover-up of a major, on-going crime for almost a decade.  Penn State, a once proud collegiate institution, will forever be tarnished by the in-actions of McQueary, Paterno, Curley, and Schultz!  I recommend that the NCAA impost the highest sanctions on the football program as an institutional penalty for the university failures.

But, you, McQueary, deserve a special place in Hell.  You watched!  You participated!  You helped to ruin a young life!  I hope when you get to prison that you experience many nights of sexual torture in the showers.  You deserve it!

P.S.  No Hall of Fame for you, Joe!  Just the Hall of Shame!  45 years and you flushed it down the toilet!


6 responses to “Mike McQueary – An Accomplice?

  1. Just like the Catholic Church…..try to cover it all up and it will go away! It didn’t happen with the church and it isn’t going away for Penn State. This will cost hundreds of millions; and they will never regain their elite reputation. And, let’s spend some time focusing on the victims. After arresting Joe, etc., the victims should be the real focus.

  2. I am surprised the Democrats did not come to his rescue, as they support this protected class of perverts. Very surprised, but then again, the devil never supports his own. He always abandons them at the last day…

  3. Bob, I applaude you for blogging on this subject. Are we finally getting to the level of bringing out this topic into the light of day. Maybe the Catholic Church exposure finally opened door on this topic and people with stop this crime by putting the spotlight on it. If we citizens will not go to bat to protect our children, who are the future of this country, then we, as the current adult generations, are not good enough to protect this country. The words in your blogg that easily define what should have been done, “if you walked up on a man sodomizing your pre-teen son or ‘child’, what would you do?” If the answer, get help for this child NOW, does not come easily and quickly to your mind, then you are a pervert, also.

  4. Now this “upstanding” gentleman claims that he did stop the rape (although, not physically) and reported it to the police!!! I wonder what the police report says! Something stinks real bad here…. A real, morally responsible person would have beaten the crap out of Sandusky, taken the kid to a doctor, and gone immediately to the cops!

  5. Perverts are now sanctioned by many state governments (California, etc.) and the Federal governments. It is a common occurrence since this movement to normalize perversion, and is the goal of the movement to recruit the young and destroy their lives like someone did their own.

    So sad for all involved…

  6. Sandusky is being Framed

    If I had been in Paterno’s position I would’ve asked McQueary: “Why did you ALLOW this to go on as you witnessed it?” “Why didn’t YOU go to the police?” I think this and the confused/vague explanation given by McQueary is why Paterno thought this was more of gossip/hearsay and didn’t made more of it other than reporting it to his supervisor.

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