Well, it’s Christmas time, Pretty Baby…..Redux

….and the snow is falling down!”  Elvis (and many others)  produced hit records with, “ Santa’s Back in Town.”  The song ushers in the Holiday season and women everywhere go into a hypnotic state lured by images of the “perfect” Christmas tree, unique decorations around the house, and the desire to have a prettier tree than all the other ladies in the neighborhood!  And so, the ritual begins!!!

Jane and a friend went to the “Nutcracker” last week and spent the day perusing the display booths, having a little wine, and snacks to maintain their stamina for the 4 hours it took to complete the tour around the center.  Thankfully, Jane has a vivid imagination and did not succumb to the trappings of the vendors.  She used her time to get a fix on the latest ideas…..and she will incorporate those ideas into her display at home.  Some of the ladies spent lots of money trying to purchase Jane’s natural ability.  So, whose nuts are being cracked now?  Of course, this is NOT a guy thing!  If left up to the guys, nothing would change except for a little plastic tree tucked away in a corner!

The holiday season is a mixed blessing!  On the positive side, families get together and share some quality time with each other.  It is a true blessing!   The down side is that the holidays are a stressful time, too!  So much shopping to be done to insure that the gifts are just right….not just a pile of junk (that signals you really didn’t put any time into the selection).  Another stress point is that many people just don’t need anything else!  When I am asked what I want, I usually get that confused look on my face, and mumble, “I really don’t know! I have everything I need!”  Of course, that is absolutely no assistance to the person asking; and generally leads to junk that I will never use.  I am going to try hard this year to come up with ideas for my family that will not frustrate them!  That’s my story and I sticking to it!

In our family, the stocking stuffers are the big hit of Christmas.  Jane, bless her heart, spends lots of time with little gifts that are a surprise to the kids!  Those little gifts are always the ones that get the raves!  Just another area where Jane excels.

Finally, there is the issue of trying to “balance” the gift giving between family members.  Cash is usually the great equalizer!  Despite the best intentions and goals, we always spend more than we should at the holidays…what the heck Christmas only comes once a year!

But, the real message of the holidays has nothing whatsoever to do with tangible gifts; the real gifts are the memories and affection that we share with the ones we love and that love us.  It would be nice if we could maintain the spirit of the holidays for the whole year!

Here’s hoping that your holiday season is full of love, charity, fun!  In the world we live in today, good times should be savored and enjoyed to the fullest. Happy Holidays!!!


2 responses to “Well, it’s Christmas time, Pretty Baby…..Redux

  1. I was just thinking about those stocking-stuffers today!! I can’t wait to see what Jane has in store for the tree and decorations around the house. Can’t wait.

  2. I, too, love the season, the family time, the spirit of love and joy in everyone, the good food and the happy times creating memories that last a lifetime. However, I do not like the extra work of extreme decorating and the stress of extreme shopping. The cure for me this year is to get a grip on what I think I should do and what I am going to do. I am going to do, like Jane, small stocking stuffers that suit each person and forget the other gifts and subsitute with cash. I am decorating a small tree, lights in my windows, a lovely holiday table and that will be all. Bob, I bet no one will miss all the other items that crowd us out of home and hearth. My goal is to make this the best and most fun holiday season of my life. Last year, with the snows trapping the family at home for several days, the day after Christmas, we enjoyed a pajama day, and watched several family themed movies…..ate popcorn with leftovers, drank hot chocolate and coke….had no sit down meal. What a great memory that has become. That day will be difficult to top…..ever…..

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