The Gingrich that stole the GOP Nomination

Ron Paul, the crusty curmudgeon calls him a “serial hypocrite!”  The progressive left calls him a “saviour” for their candidate!  The far right thinks he is a liberal!  His competitors think he is a pest!  He, modestly, thinks of himself as an “intellectual” with big ideas!  Pretty soon, it looks like America will be calling him the GOP nominee to debate Obama for the presidency of the United States!

The latest poll shows that the demise of Herman Cain has been a bonanza for Newt Gingrich, who now leads in the republican polls with 38% of potential voters viewing him favorably.  Mitt Romney is second with 18%.  The latest travails of Cain, the gaffes of Bachmann (US Embassy in Tehran) and Perry, the invisibility of Huntsman/Santorum, and the lecturing of Ron Paul have left Newt with a clear lead over the presidential-looking, but, flip-flopping, Mitt Romney.  (By the way, who names their kids Newt and Mitt?) 

If Newt wins the Iowa primary and doesn’t step on his tongue, he will become the person to beat in the GOP…..leaving Romney to be a bridesmaid once again!   If true, the progressive left media will have a field day with Newt’s divorces, payments from Fannie & Freddie, and his legislative record of the mid-90’s when his own party pushed him to the sidelines.  Damn, it is gonna get interesting!!!!



One response to “The Gingrich that stole the GOP Nomination

  1. Electing Gingrich will be a disaster. More of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and spend, spend, spend. Not to mention, he will turn traitor as soon as he finds a chance to cozy up to the Democrats.

    Bad news!

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