No Luck at Truluck’s

Jane celebrated a special birthday recently….and being the thoughtful guy that I am, I planned a special evening at a special restaurant for Jane’s special day!  Sounds special, doesn’t it!  I choose one of the most expensive restaurants in our area (of course, being the big-spender that I am) and escorted Jane through the hazards of holiday traffic and fender-benders to a table for two at Truluck’s…..a well-known eatery specializing in seafood, steak, and crabs!   Our waiter, Donald, did a decent job of tending to our needs….but, nothing special.  Jane ordered the Alaskan King Crab for her entrée and I selected the Scottish Salmon Bernaise.  (It sounds wonderfully delicious, doesn’t it?)  As we waded through the crab and shrimp napoleon appetizer (which was excellent) and the wedge salad (which was as expected), our anticipation grew for the main course.  When it arrived,  the Alaskan king crab put up a struggle before Jane brought all hands on deck and devoured the product of TV’s “The Deadliest Catch”….Captain Phil would have been proud of her!  It was wonderfully delicious!

On the other hand, my scottish salmon bearnaise was terrible!  Jane will attest to the dish being dry, lacking in flavor, and poorly presented for a fancy, expensive five-star restaurant!  I guess one for two is pretty good…..if you are playing baseball!  But, not at a restaurant where the meal costs $100 per person!  Jane tried to put a happy face on the evening, but, the salmon was anything but special.  The salmon from the local grocery store that Jane cooks at home was far superior to the dish at Truluck’s!  Here’s a thought…….maybe, we should become restaurateurs and sell $5 worth of fish for ten times its value!!!

So, if you venture off to Truluck’s, my recommendation is to take out your wallet and stick with the Alaskan King Crab (or the South African lobster tail).

P.S.  Jane suggested that we take Truluck’s off our preferred restaurant list…and it shall be done!  Bon appetite! 


One response to “No Luck at Truluck’s

  1. Truluck’s has proved to be a class organization….when I contacted their manager and told him about our experience, he was very apologetic and invited us back. So, Truluck’s handled the situation the way one would expect from a five-star restaurant. Jane and I will go back…………

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