Trump to host GOP Debate – WTF!!!

As a loyal conservative, it pains me to see the GOP in such disarray at a time when their candidate should be able to stomp the worst president in my lifetime!  But………..the candidates that have been coughed up (like hair-balls from your favorite alley cat) seem bent on making this a race that Obama could actually win!!!!!!!!!  When the GOP resorts to having Donald Trump host a debate on national television, it will be a circus.  Nothing good can come of this exercise except to stroke Trump’s over-sized ego!  You can be certain the each question that The Donald asks will begin with the word “I”!  It will become a platform for one of the world’s great hustlers to take center stage and wave his magic hair for the world to watch!  It is simply unfathomable for me!  The GOP needs to take this race seriously….and Trump cannot assist in that endeavor!

One by one, the GOP candidates have gained ground only to fall back as also-rans.   First, it was Bachmann….the lady with the crazy eyes!  Ron Paul, the curmudgeon, has maintained his loyal base and will probably do well in Iowa before falling out later!  Rick Perry looked good….until he opened his mouth!  Can you say, “empty suit?”  Santorum and Huntsman never got off the starting blocks; and Herman Cain…..well, what can I say!

The new prince at the party is Newt Gingrich, who has surged in the polls due to the collapse of Cain and his adept ability to handle himself at the debates.  But, given time, Newt will probably say or do something stupid and the nomination will fall to the last man standing, Mitt Romney!

Romney, a very presidential-looking candidate, cannot seem to generate any real enthusiasm for his campaign.  His numbers have held fairly steady as other candidates have risen and fallen.  His albatrosses are RomneyCare, a dull personality, and a reputation of flip-flopping!  Once again, he may become the bridesmaid,  not the bride!

Let’s see…..there are over 300 million people in the US.  Let’s take away 50% as being too old or too young to serve….down to 150 million.  Take away another 50% that are too stupid….now we down to 75 million.   Drop out another 50% that have no interest in having their families and life put through the meat grinder of the liberal media press; and you are left with 37.5 million people.  Since half of the 37.5 million are illegal immigrants; and an estimated 14.5 million people are in jail, on probation/parole, or under correctional supervision, I guess that is why the pickings are so sparse!!!!!  That leaves just you and me…..and I fall out on several qualifiers!  (Although, I would make a good president….I assure you!)

It does seem a shame that some of the seemingly qualified people who would stand up for America have chosen not to run……Chris Christie, are you listening!!!  Oh well, maybe Newt or Mitt will have a successful run and compete well with Obama.  With all the failures of the Obama administration, it should be a cake walk!  But, if the GOP continues to rely on gimmicks like The Donald, it will be a steep hill to climb!


One response to “Trump to host GOP Debate – WTF!!!

  1. Looks like the Trump debate will give Santorum plenty of air time since Romney, Perry, Paul, Huntsman, and Bachmann have declined his invitation to the circus! Newt should reconsider his appearance at this dog & pony show. It might hurt him. I wonder if Trump’s ego is wounded a little! Nobody wants to play in his game!

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