God Likes to Watch Tebow Play!!!

Tim Tebow, the Mile High Messiah, helped the Denver Broncos to win their 6th straight game against the hapless Chicago Bears when Marion “the Barbarian” Barber (or “the Moron”) ran out of bounds…stopping the clock, giving Tebow enough time to drive the Broncos to a field goal to tie the game.  Then, for the third time in the last six games, the Broncos won in overtime….perhaps, dealing a death-blow to the Bears playoff hopes!!  Jane said it perfectly, “God likes to watch Tebow play!”  (God also likes to watch my buddy, Mikey, play golf…but that is another story!)

The Bears would have easily won the game if Barber had not run out-of-bounds in regulation play.  Instead of just falling to the turf and letting the clock kill any chance Denver had, Barber’s brain freeze was all the Broncos needed.  Barber made a really stupid choice for an experienced NFL player.  Barber is paid millions to use his body and brain to win football games.  If I was the general manager of the Bears, I would put him on waivers tomorrow!  On the sideline, Barber’s team-mates avoided him like he had leprosy!   (Furthermore, Barber fumbled in the OT period setting up the opportunity for Denver to win with a field goal…..good game, Marion!)

Hats off to Tebow…he has brought fun back to the NFL!  His throwing form sucks and he won’t last as a starter; but, we can enjoy the fun until the party is over.

P.S.  BTW, God has other plans (maybe some last-minute shopping) next Sunday when Tom Brady and the Patriots visit Denver.  Whatever the Vegas odds are, take  the Patriots!



3 responses to “God Likes to Watch Tebow Play!!!

  1. Sportscenter praises Tebow and rightfully so but what about the kicker. Kicking a career long field goal with no time on the clock and another to win the game. Tebow should have had his kicker right beside him in the news conference.

  2. You are 100% correct….in fact, I failed to remember that the kicker is the Bronco that really won the game! Excellent catch!!!!

  3. You were right about the Pats and Tebow. And Dallas is one lucky team! The Giants collapsed on Sunday allowing Dallas to control their destiny! And the Packers messed their pants against the Chiefs! Pack receivers (Finley, mostly) had a bad day and their defense continues to be like a sieve! Ah, the NFL…..gotta love it!

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