Welcome to Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood

The Green Bay Packers, the reigning Super Bowl champs from the smallest media market in the US, secured home field advantage throughout the NFL playoffs by defeating the Chicago Bears as Aaron Rodgers, the almost-certain MVP, threw for 5 touchdowns in a 35-21 win Sunday night.  As a long-time Packer fan, I, of course, am happy for them.  But, I am concerned that the playoffs might be a disappointment for Cheeseheads if the Packer defense doesn’t pick up their play; and if the Packers cannot find some semblance of a running game to slow down the pass rush  on Mr. Rodgers.  The ‘Pack defense has given up more yards to opposing teams than their high-powered offense has gained this season.  That is a remarkable (and scary) stat for a team with the potential of being 15-1 for the season.  On the bright side, the ‘Pack defense leads the league in interceptions…..they bend, but, do not break!

Regardless of the stats, the Packers will be at home in the frozen tundra preparing for their first game after a week off…..their reward for being the #1 seed in the playoffs.  Going into Mr. Rodgers’s neighborhood in January is a psychological disadvantage for any warm weather opponent.  But, the ‘Pack must improve on defense and the offensive run!  Go, Pack, go!!!!!!!!!!  Two Super Bowls in a row….sounds great to me!!!!!!


One response to “Welcome to Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood

  1. The Packers definitely need to get better on defense, but that offense is really something.

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