NH – Huntsman’s “Ticket to Ride!”

Before the results were final, Jon Huntsman took the stage in his campaign headquarters and announced proudly that New Hampshire was his “ticket to ride” in his pursuit for the GOP nomination.  Holding his hands high as if he had just knocked-out an opponent in a heavyweight fight, Huntsman’s distant 3rd place finish was somehow perceived as a victory!?!?!?  Huntsman put all his eggs in one basket only to find there was a hole in the bottom.  This mentality of pretending to win when, in fact, one is a loser has permeated American culture in a negative way.  When we give Little Johnny a trophy for participating on a team that finishes last in PeeWee ball, we are telling Little Johnny that it OK to be mediocre!  Little Johnny’s trophy looks just like the players on the team that went undefeated!  Huntsman got less than 1% of the vote in Iowa.  Polls predict he will get 2% or less in South Carolina and Florida!  And, yet,  Huntsman claims victory!  Jon is an example of America’s loss of the desire for exceptionalism that  once made this country great! 

Yes, Jon, you have a ticket to ride………….all the way to Fantasyland!  A one-way ticket to the Town of Denial!  Delusion-ville! You are on the same bus as Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry!  Save money….drop out before you embarrass yourself even more!


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