Packers Suffer from Dropsy! Season Over!!

My beloved Green Bay Packers took it in the shorts from the NY Giants on Sunday!  Sadly, the Pack was totally out-played by the Boys from the Big Apple!  The usually reliable receivers of Mr. Rodgers DROPPED 8 passes during the game!  Each was a drive-killing play; and made Rodger’s stats look even worse than they actually were.  You did not see the Giants receivers drop passes….neither did the New England Patriots in their rout of Tebow and the Broncos.  Oh, yeah, the Giant defense also forced 3 fumbles; and Aaron threw an inconsequential interception at the end of the game.  Maybe a bye week is not such a good thing…..kind of kills the edge that NFL players need to stay sharp. In an earlier post, I raved about the Packer offense and questioned their defense!  Well, the defense did play crappy today….and so did the offense!  Let’s hope Oakland hires Dom Capers and forces Green Bay to hire a new defensive co-ordinator!  Capers sucked at Houston….and he sucks at Green Bay!  Furthermore, when your quarterback is your team’s leading rusher, unless you are the Eagles, you  have a big problem.  And while we are talking about stupid decisions…….why would McCarthy call for an on-side kick in the second quarter!  What a dick!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for my Super Bowl prediction:  Patriots beat the Giants by 7!  The Packers’ players and coaches can watch from the deadly quiet of their living rooms….and dream of things that might  have been!!!

P.S.  Note to Ted Thompson…..In the off-season, buy some defense and running backs!  If you cannot run the ball and play defense in the NFL, you cannot win the big game! You have the best quarterback in the league….give him some help!!!


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