Obama says “No!” And Boehner must Go!

Once again Obama has bested the GOP leadership, principally John Boehner, and succumbed to a small  group of environmental extremists and scuttled the Keystone XL Pipeline project to bring oil to the US from Canada……and create thousands of jobs directly.  The unions, the oil industry, the state of Nebraska,  and most of Congress supported the project….but, Obama has effectively killed it.  Boehner, the cry-baby, lost this battle when he buckled under to allow the payroll tax extension holiday to proceed in December.  Failing to play hard-ball has cost America jobs in an economy that desperately needs them badly.  Boehner accused Obama of selling out; but it was Boehner that sold out when he had several chances to use this bargaining chip successfully!

After the 2010 mid-term elections, the GOP was given a mandate to clean up the budget deficit mess in Washington…..and, under Boehner’s leadership, they have failed miserably!  Boehner has proven to be nothing more than another Beltway Politician….and has been outsmarted by Obama at every critical juncture since being elected as House Speaker.  I tried to find just ONE situation when Boehner scored a victory…..and I could not!  The fact is that our national debt will be over $16 Trillion by next year…and no one seems to care!  Greece, Ireland, Spain, etc., have not taught our politicians any lessons!

Obama says that the Keystone XL Project does “not serve the national interest!” That statement alone makes me question what Obama believes is in the best interest of this nation.  He has made several curious (to be nice) decisions as POTUS and seems determined to stay on his path of centralizing all power into the White House.  And reducing our dependence on foreign oil is totally lost on Obama and the Democrats!

It is time for the GOP to call for a vote of “no confidence” in Boehner and boot him out of the speaker’s job.  Bring in Eric Cantor…..at least he has some backbone!  Under Boehner, all the gains delivered to the GOP in 2010 have been lost…..and probably the 2012 election as well!  Another decision to weaken America!!

P.S.  This is no problem for Canada….they will just sell the oil to China!  Ain’t that a kick in the butt!!!  Nice going Barack & John!


2 responses to “Obama says “No!” And Boehner must Go!

  1. Boehner has done a poor job! And he has been beaten by a rookie!!! I wonder how bad it would have been if he had faced an experienced president. No Keystone Pipeline is part of Obama’s plan to make America into a quasi-socialist country like France. If he wants a weak, dependent America, he is on plan.

  2. My friends,
    Today I called the office of my House representative and gave them an ear-full about the GOP’s lack of leadership! I also sent a firey e-mail! The time has come to open up to our leaders and voice our displeasure with their lack of leadership and courage. Enough is enough! Join me and make your statement!

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