Sandra Fluke – A Setup by the White House

So, how does a Georgetown student get to appear before a Congressional Committee?  Can someone  just make a call and get an appointment?  Can you testify?  Can I?  Are we experts?  Or worth the time? Sandra Fluke was no fluke!!!!!!!!!  Her appearance was a carefully orchestrated diversion tactic of the left-wing in Congress and in the White House.  Sandra was a witting tool of the liberals in Washington to divert attention away from the issues that really confront the country.  She is a third year law student at Georgetown University in Washington DC.  Founded in 1789, Georgetown is the oldest Jesuit and Catholic university in the country.  She knew the beliefs of the university when she enrolled.  Her recent appearance was just a sham….full of mis-information.  And, if she is smart enough to get into Georgetown, she must be smart enough to know that birth control pills are readily available at the local Planned Parenthood location.

Come, on folks, let’s get back to a discussion about the economy, jobs, energy, and immigration.  Let Sandra’s sexual partners pony up the money for birth control.  The government already spends too much on social programs.  And, finally, Rush Limbaugh should have kept his big mouth shut on this subject.  His comments were irresponsible and just plain stupid.  More unnecessary distractions………..


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