Mitt’s Only Real Opponent – The Likeability Factor

Now that Rick Santorum has done the right thing for his political future, unless Mitt Romney is caught with a dead boy, he will be the GOP nominee to do battle with Obama in November!  So, what does Mitt have to do to convince independent and conservative voters to support his campaign.  He must improve his L-Factor!  With the abysmal economy,  public dismay over Obamacare, the national debt crisis, no budget for years, government spending out of control, etc., it would seem that Romney could sail into the White House on his white charger!  Not so fast!  The Democrats will portray him as a white, rich guy that waffles on his principles, belongs to a religious cult, is the personification of the 1%’ers, and will ruin the country if elected.  Of course, none of that is really true, but that will be the attack mode the liberals will take! Especially since Obama’s record as president cannot be defended.  His signature legislation is disliked (and probably unconstitutional) and he has done virtually nothing to improve the economy.  His energy policy is a disaster….and he hates Big Oil (and big business, in general).

For Romney to defeat our big government, socially intrusive POTUS, he must have “likeability” among voters.  Mitt must break out of his comfort zone and make America “like” him.  Bill Clinton has a big “l-factor” and would probably be elected again even with his picadillos…..because people like Bubba!  Some people “like” Obama…..although I don’t get it!  For too many voters, the election of the leader of the free world is just a beauty contest!  Many voters are persuaded by looks, rhetoric, and charisma….not qualifications and competency.

First, Mitt needs to make himself “relatable!”  When voters can relate to a person, they tend to pay attention to what they are doing, what they are saying, and their “likeability” increases.  Next, Mitt must show compassion and a willingness to listen to potential voters.  When he engages in mutual conversation, people will relate.  The Dems will try to paint Mitt as being an aloof, out-of-touch individual that cannot begin to understand the needs of the citizens of America.

The election is now in Mitt’s hands.  He has proven business, public, and personal qualities.  He has little to defend.  Just be one of the guys, Mitt!  Loosen your tie and let us “like” you!


4 responses to “Mitt’s Only Real Opponent – The Likeability Factor

  1. Romney’s religion should not be an issue. It never affected his job as Gov. of Mass. At last count, there were 16 Mormons in Congress. Most importantly……..Harry Reid of the Senate is a Mormon. The Democrats should not push this agenda; it might back-fire.

  2. I like Mitt Romney. However, like you, Bob, his intelligence does not scare me. It actually makes me think he can solve some of the country’s problems. I believe it is his intelligence that is making him ‘less likable’ and that is a difficulty thing to hide. Romney has my vote.

  3. We need a POTUS who can lead us out of the economic doldrums that Obama’s failed policies have exascerbated. We need a proven leader will go to work everyday in an effort to address the nation’s problems. Results are driven by meaningful activities, not endless fundraisers, photo ops, and empty speeches.

    I do not know Mitt Romney or President Obama. I admire Romney’s business and organizational successes. I despise most of the things Obama
    has done or attempted to do.

    I do not necessarily like Romney. I do strongly dislike Obama. I suspect a enough voters share this view to rid the country of the Obama nightmare come November.

  4. Well stated, Freddy! If voters had your intellect and insight, it would be a no-brainer!! Unfortunately, 50% pay no FET and/or get a check/benefit from the government! Many of that voter group will not bite the hand that feeds them and don’t have the brain power, initiative, or desire to figure it out! Welcome back!!

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