Romney Will Win – Editorial 1/29/12

Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama because a majority  of the country already knows that the president is an epic failure at his job,  and a thin-skinned, self-absorbed ideologue to boot.

All the noise about Romney’s wealth and the nonsense  about his “effective tax rate” won’t make a lick of difference to a voter afraid  of losing his or her job or fearing for their children’s future.

All the left’s harrumphing about Bain just isn’t going  matter to a country desperate for competence and character, discipline and the  values of hard work, thrift and sacrifice.

Everybody already knows everything the Chicago gang is  going to throw at Romney thanks to Newt. After the intensity of the nomination  battle drains away, the focus will shift back to the president’s massive  incompetence, and ho-hum will be the response when yet another Democrat with  talking points about Romney tries to evade the reality of an unemployment rate  that have never been below 8 percent when the president promised it would never  go above that level.  Hugh Hewitt, Washington Examiner, 1/29/12

This reporter nailed it almost 3 months ago!   And, polls taken today by Rasmussen and Fox show Romney ahead of Obama!  Finally, the GOP and the remainder of the rational thinkers in the US have a single person to rally around.


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