It’s Tax Time – Paying Your Fair Share?

Obama wants to keep a secret:  The top 10% of taxpayers already pay 70% of the federal income tax!  But, he wants America to believe that they don’t pay enough!  His war on capitalism and his mission to create a divided country attempts to paint a picture of families who earn over $25o,000+ are, somehow, evil; and they need to pay more by sharing their success with the 50% that pay zero federal income taxes!  People must pay their “fair share” according to Obama.  So, what is fair about 50% of those that file tax returns paying no federal income taxes?

“Fair Share” has become Obama’s political mantra in dozens of his speeches.  Even the first lady, Michelle, told a gathering of 300, who paid $300 to $10,000 for their lunch, that, “if any family in this country is struggling, we can not be satisfied with our own families’ good fortune!”   While we all would agree that we do not want any family to struggle, how much responsibility should we have for the problems of others?  Perhaps, if those attendees had donated their money to local churches or charities, something would happen to benefit those that are struggling!  The federal government has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not know how to spend our tax dollars efficiently!

The Democratic Party/Progressive Left philosophy is clear:  Create bigger government that provides greater benefits to secure the electorate’s dependency on Uncle Sam for their needs and for solving their problems.  Under that philosophy, personal responsibility will become a thing of the past; and government assistance will become the norm.  It is a brilliant strategy……create a dependent society and they will always vote for your re-election!  UNTIL, we become Greece!  Then those living on entitlement programs will riot in the streets!  The well will have run dry…..and it will have been Bush’s fault!

Even today, 70% of Americans take more out of the tax system than they pay in taxes.  That statistic cannot persist for long until the government runs out of money.  Obama’s solution is to require more from the most successful taxpayers so he can continue to offer hand-outs to others.  Class warfare is alive and well in America.

Finally, let’s remember that many of the 50% that pay no federal income taxes are receiving benefits like food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, unemployment, free mobile phones, etc.  We do need to help the truly unfortunate in our society; but, the manner in which we define (almost recruit) recipients must change!

P.S. Treasury Secretary Timmy G., told CNBC that the rich should pay higher taxes for the “privilege of being an American”….otherwise the government might have to cut expenses!  This is another example of how a Democrat thinks!  Let’s remember that Lil’ Timmy had to be coerced into paying his “fair share!”


2 responses to “It’s Tax Time – Paying Your Fair Share?


    Beautifully and clearly expressed. Let us hope that the above situation has not become non-correctible come November Election 2012. Another four (4) years and it will surely be non-correctible.

  2. Currently 98,000 federal employees owe the government over $1,000,000,000 in back taxes from 2010 alone….over $10,000 per tax cheat! Between the wastful spending (GSA scandal, etc.) and unpaid taxes, it is no wonder that our national debt is out of control. Obama lacks in business experience (and in every other skill) and is only focused on fund raising and campaigning. Governance is a lost art of this administration!!

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