Handicap Parking Stickers & A-Holes!!!

Today, Jane and I had a wonderful lunch at a local seafood restaurant; and after stuffing ourselves like a chef stuffs a flounder, we went to the local Home Depot to pick up a couple of spare bulbs for our outdoor lights.  Mission accomplished on securing the bulbs and using the automated check-out machine….yeah, we are techno savvy!!!!!!!!  As we left the store, we observed a healthy, strong, 30-something man and his equally healthy wife/girl friend/significant other/ho pull into a Handicap Only Parking spot.  They were the only occupants of the slightly beat-up Chevy…..with Handicap Sticker proudly hanging from the rearview mirror!   They jumped out of the car and sauntered into Home Depot.  Neither was handicapped in any way…..except, maybe, mentally!  BTW, there were plenty of open spaces within 20 feet of the Chevy.  Sadly, you see this type of disregard and arrogance every day in parking lots across America.  Since Jane was not packing her concealed hand gun (Ruger LCR), we, sheepishly, got in the car and made our getaway!  But, the lack of respect for others (and one’s self) that permeates the spirit of America needs to change!  It is time, folks!!!!

P.S. Where is a damn cop when need ’em?!?!?!?


3 responses to “Handicap Parking Stickers & A-Holes!!!

  1. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but do we really need handicap spaces? Is it really a stretch to ask someone who can drive or get around to not take a few more steps like the rest of us? Do they not walk all around the shop, shopping? Do they somehow “deserve” this treatment because they are different? Do they like them being in some way limited more than the rest of us pointed out constantly with special laws, parking spaces, conveniences, and signs? I question it.

  2. wwward1948…..Interesting and valid point! But, what about the poor schmuck that got his legs blown off defending America in some godforbidden shithole of a country halfway around the world?

  3. He will have a lifetime of challenges, none of which are my fault. I am a Vietnam vet and spent 6 months in a navy hospital with guys who had that problem, and they just wanted to be treated normally, not like some fat lady too lazy to walk.

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