Obama-Biden Campaign Slogan, “Forward”

MSNBC touts the slogan, Lean Forward.  A little research on the word, ‘forward’ brings up some interesting results.  Most people accept the word to mean “moving towards a particular time, place, etc.”  Wikipedia offers several definitions, but the one below is the most interesting for today’s political climate:

 “In the English translation, the term Forward has been used as an effective title for socialist and politically left-leaning periodical publications.[1][2] The context of the title connotes an “urge for progress”.[3] Vorwärts! (German for ‘Forward’, with an exclamation point as part of the name) was a revolutionary German emigré publication issued in Paris in the mid-1840s. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were amongst the contributors to the magazine. Whilst the publication was short-lived, it had a lasting impact and served as an inspiration for later socialist press outlets. A second Vorwärts (without exclamation point) was founded in 1876, being an organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and with Wilhelm Liebknecht as its first editor.[4] In the years before the First World War, the term ‘vorwärts’ was almost monopolized in German political discourse by the Social Democrats, and the name was used for various publications and organizations.[5]

This explanation is a fair description of the progressive, left-wing broadcast network.  One only has to listen to Maddow, Schultz, Sharpton, Harris-Perry, etc., to understand exactly what they mean when they lean forward.  They are paid well to promote the goals of the far left on the Democratic party.

What is interesting is that Obama has chosen to glom onto the MSNBC slogan with his version in the campaign slogan, Forward!  For a POTUS that should be representing all of the citizens of these United States, he has made another poor choice by appealing to his progressive base while leaving the rest of the country behind.  What Obama really means to say is: Let’s move Forward so America can become the next Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, or France.  If the progressive left so strongly supports the quasi-socialist form of government, why won’t they just move there to be among their socialist friends.  Personally, I would like that……how about you?  Another in the long lists of reason to vote NOBAMA in 2012!  Let’s move Obama ‘forward’ to an early retirment in November!


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