Wisconsin, Common Sense, and “Lean Forward”

On June 5, the citizens of Wisconsin said, “Enough!”  The left-wing of the Democratic Party has sort to re-call Gov. Scott Walker because he took actions to trim the huge budget deficit accumulated by this democratic predecessor.  Together with the GOP legislature, Walker reduced bargaining rights for the public unions…..and the populace showed support and rewarded him for his brave actions.  Finally, Common Sense and Fiscal Responsibility came to the party. The real message from Wisconsin is that the “Lean Forward” slogan of Obama will need to be tweaked if he expects to win re-election in November.

Even though, Wisconsin dominated the airwaves, a similar referendum won in San Jose, CA., and San Diego, CA., where 70% voted to require government employees to pay for part of their retirement benefits.  Remember….this was in California!!  Americans everywhere are beginning to understand that unbridled spending by government at the federal, state, and local level must come to an end.  GOP governors across the country and blue-dog democrats are probably making plans to dip their toes into the water of fiscal sanity.

Watching the sad, little faces on MSNBC as the liberal panel focused on how much the GOP spent to win and the “narrow” victory (it was a landslide) had Jane and me rolling on the floor laughing.  Mr. Ed must be suicidal today!  And, the Democrats in Wisconsin can be angry folks, too!  Did you see the woman who slapped Mayor Barrett just because he conceded when the outcome was obvious!

Well done, Badgers!  And, go Packers!!!


2 responses to “Wisconsin, Common Sense, and “Lean Forward”

  1. atlanticwaters

    Oh, happy day. Is America waking up? Even the markets rallied with this news.

  2. Walker is taking Wisconsin backwards.

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