Justice Roberts Decision – A Call to Arms!!

Justice John Roberts joins the ranks of political turncoats with Bart Stupak as his vote holds it constitutional for Obamacare to plague America with financial ruin by defining the individual mandate as being a “tax” thereby giving Obama a victory in one of the most shamefully corrupt pieces of legislation in the history of America.  Obama stated repeatedly when selling this monster that Obamacare would not cause a tax increase on any American.  Yet, he instructed his legal staff to present the mandate as a tax so Justice Roberts could find a way to circumvent the commerce clause.  Obama’s administration badgered and bullied the Supreme Court, successfully, into making a horrible decision.  Yes, Justice Roberts, your legacy is set!!

There is a silver lining in his decision.  Justice Roberts, as he slinks out of the country for an extended stay in Malta, has given the conservative base a call to arms.  His salvo across the bow on the USS Constitution could be the rallying message that votes Obama out of office in November!!


One response to “Justice Roberts Decision – A Call to Arms!!

  1. Right on! Now if Romney can show some personality, spunk, and backbone, Barack has set the stage for Mitt to waltz into the White House!

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