The US Debt Clock Nears $16 TRILLION

As Obama and Romney squabble over outsourcing, the economy, Bain Capital, and Obamacare, the national debt of America is rapidly closing in on $16,000,000,000,000!!! The national debt is now over $50,000 per citizen and almost $140,000 per taxpayer!  And, nobody seems to give a damn!  Congress won’t address the problem because they know Obama will not even sign a budget.  There has been much publicity about the bailout of Greece.  It might surprise you that the debt per capita in Greece is less than $40,000!  The only thing that is keeping America afloat is the size of our economy…..but size will not sustain us if the federal budget is not brought under control.  To see for yourself how fast our debt is rising,  log on to:

My Solution:  1)Term Limits for All Elected Officials.  Then, maybe, these bums will focus on what is best for the country and not on how to get re-elected!         2) Slash 5% of  every federal, state, & local government budget for the next 5 years!  Bob’s 5 & 5 Plan!!!!


One response to “The US Debt Clock Nears $16 TRILLION

  1. atlantic waters

    What I cannot believe is the lack of urgency to fix this problem. This is a real problem that will have serious consequences for every American citizen, if not addressed effectively. By serious consequences, I mean a loss of our way of life. Freedom is at stake here. Is anyone caring except you and me, Bob?

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