Ernie Wins, Scott Folds at Royal Lytham

Ernie struck Claret gold at the British Open as Adam Scott folded under the  pressure of the afternoon sun and wind at Royal Lytham and Saint Annes on Sunday.  Ernie held the trophy high as Scott sank into the doldrums of defeat.  Tiger Woods was a factor until he went for the flag on #6, a hole he had birded for the previous three days, and found the sand to be unplayable.  His 3 putt triple bogey ended what could have been for the Great One.   Once again, Tiger failed to produce on championship week-end and settled for a tie for third place….. a mere four shots behind Els.

Scott will be haunted by this meltdown until he can successfully win a major tournament.  The pain on his face was evident at the press conference after his putt on 18 missed to the left of the cup.  His graceful swing vanished as he pulled shots on 17 & 18 into spots that made par a virtual impossibility.  Maybe next time, Adam!

One response to “Ernie Wins, Scott Folds at Royal Lytham

  1. Good for Ernie Els. He was the only one to step up on Sunday. Everyone fell back and it was saddening that it seemed like not one person was able to do that prior to Scott’s 4 consecutive bogey’s. Scott didn’t deserve that win as much as you may feel bad for him (and I don’t). Els just went about his business and got it done. Glad to see it. He deserved it. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to know what you think

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