James Holmes – Will he ever see jail?

James Holmes, the man who carried out the Batman murders in Aurora, CO., may never be sentenced to jail or the death penalty for his heinous acts of violence in a packed theatre.   There are no other suspects; he was caught at the scene and told police about the bombs he had set in his apartment. Yet, his team of lawyers will present the only defense possible in Holmes’ case!  They will plead “not guilty by reason of insanity.”  Even though, he planned this crime for months and carried it out with precision and forethought, his mental health will be the subject of the courts’ attention.  Expert witnesses will be paraded before the jury explaining how Holmes did not know what he was doing and that some abuse issues in his past drove him to commit acts that he could not control.  Let’s hope a judge and jury with some common sense finds this menace to society guilty and give him what he deserves….the death penalty carried out in a swift, timely manner!


2 responses to “James Holmes – Will he ever see jail?

  1. atlantic waters

    I agree with you, Bob. His intelligence is probably high enough to ‘out-fox’ the minds of most people. I will follow this case with a lot of interest. Highly intelligence people, of which he is one, often get away with a lot. It is not that I do not have a lot of feelings for troubled souls, however, his months of planning minus an escape plan, or is insanity his plan, will need to be determined. If any act of violence deserves the death penalty, this act certainly qualifies. The number of lives that were changed forever due to this one violent act boggles my mind.

  2. You say “team of lawyers”.. it’s only two public defenders. They’re obligated to “try their best”, but I’m sure they hate doing their job right now.

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