“Eat Mor Chikin” is under fire!!!

The “Chick-fil-A” fast food restaurant chain is under fire from gay, lesbian, and left-wing groups because Chick-fil-A’s president, Dan Cathy, told the Baptist Press that the company was “guilty as charged” for supporting the “biblical definition of marriage” between a man and a woman.  Former Arkansas Governor Huckabee has designated Wednesday, 8/1 as “National Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, while Rahm Emanuel, former bagman for Obama, stated that “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago Values.”  (True enough since Chick-fil-A does not have one of the highest murder rates in the country!)  It seems to me that the country has more important issues to deal with than dragging down a good company that serves good food with well-trained employees.  And, yes, true to their Christian values, all their restaurants are closed on Sunday!

Chick-fil-A is building a new restaurant less than 3 miles from our home and Jane and I will be the line of customers when they open up.  We love their chicken!  Stand your ground (not beef), Mr. Cathy.


One response to ““Eat Mor Chikin” is under fire!!!

  1. I had lunch at chick-fil-A today and it was a zoo! Police were directing traffic it was so busy. Obama is on the wrong side of this issue. The Tea Party and Conservatism has been reborn through the rooster!!

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