Romney/Ryan = Rescue & Resurrection for America

The battle lines are now clearly drawn.  For the first time in several years the presidential election will shift directly to real issues…not empty rhetoric.  Romney’s bold choice of Ryan, a lightening rod for the progressive left due to his responsible, yet, controversial budget plan, will coalesce voters on both sides of the political spectrum.  The Democrats will picture Ryan as the guy that pushed grandma off the cliff…whereas the Republicans will portray him  as the person that will keep America  from going off the cliff.  Obama can no longer run on hope, change, and transparency…..he has failed miserably on the core of his empty campaign promises.  The choice will be Obama’s record as POTUS vs. Romney’s business success.  This year, hope and change belong to the Republicans….If Romney/Ryan can run on the rescue of America’s economy from the failed policies of Obama and the resurrection of America to its former standing in the world, they have a good chance to win in November.

Romney/Ryan can appeal to the fiscal conservative voters; but, the risk is that the dirty tactics of political campaigns will try to focus voters attention to the senior citizens.  The Obama message will be that Medicare and Social Security are at risk with the Republicans.  The Republicans will argue that Obama’s budget irresponsibility will quickly lead America down the fiscally destructive path as Greece.

The fun is about to begin!


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