Finally……Newsweek Got It Right!

After Newsweek posted covers that were sexist towards Bachmann and Palin, the editors have finally gotten it right.  Does this mean that the progressive left is becoming disenchanted with their chosen one!  Those on the left that can be just a little objective should be regretting their decision in the election of their guy.  Is this the beginning of the end for Obama?  Let’s hope so!!!  America does need a change….Obama was not it!


2 responses to “Finally……Newsweek Got It Right!

  1. Ferguson’s article is worth reading. He lists all the reasons why Obama has failed as the President. Ferguson is from Harvard, too! Normally a hotbed of liberal thinking, he shows that some liberals can, in fact, use their heads.

  2. atlantic waters

    There seems to be a slight change in the direction that the winds of politics are blowing. Let us hope that no Republican does something stupid that will cause the wind to return to the past 4-year direction.

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