DNC – Anger, Divisiveness, & Bubba

Being a conservative, I must confess that I am not paying much attention to the Democratic National Convention.  But, the few parts I have watched have   saddened me on what is happening in America.  Booker, Trumka, Pelosi, etc., parade up to the podium and repeatedly pound their message that there is a war on the “middle class” of America and that the GOP is, somehow, responsible.  The vitriol, anger, and divisiveness of these politicians is impossible to ignore.  They attack success and big businesses with abandon; they continuously push the message that everyone must pay their fair share (which is Democrat-speak means higher corporate and individual taxes for top earners); and each messenger is obsessed with driving a wedge between the classes of Americans.  Senate Candidate from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, railed on a “rigged” economy that disenfranchises the middle class.

And, Bill “Bubba” Clinton delivered his speech to an enthusiastic audience of women delegates.  No one in the convention hall seemed to care that Bubba has been  rumored to be one of the biggest philanderers and womanizers ever to hold public office….much less the White House.  Clinton, who was impeached by the US House of Representatives in 1998 for perjury and obstruction of justice,  was cheered as a leader of the Democratic Party.  Let’s ask  Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and the notorious Monica Lewinsky how they feel about Bubba and the GOP’s “War on Women.” It makes my skin crawl!

At least, voters will have a real choice in November.

P.S.   As a side note, a poll was taken in a 50 student Political Science class at the University of Texas last week.  Unbelievably, Obama scored 42 of the 50 student votes!  This just validates how uninformed and naive the young people of America really are…..and how their developing minds are influenced by the leftist professors in the universities of our country!


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