Libya – Terrorism or Spontaneous Riot?

The murder of the American ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three others in Libya is another example of the incompetence or deceptive nature of the Obama administration.  Shortly after the ambassador’s body had been dragged through the streets of Benghazi, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and Press Secretary Carney called the attacks riots gone bad and, even though the attacks took place on the anniversary of 9/11, they did not make a connection between the events.  Steven’s diary shows that he was worried about security of the embassy prior to the attack.  And, it appears that the Obama Administration failed to take notice of the anniversary of 9/11 and did nothing to beef up security in Libya.  Now, Secretary of State Clinton has admitted the attacks were the work of al Qaeda in Libya.  It was also reported the day after the attacks (but, before Ambassador Rice’s comments) that the incident was labeled as an act of terrorism by the governments security agencies.

So, why the lies and distortions?  Simple!!!  Obama used this tragedy as another “shiny object” to deflect attention away from his failed foreign policy of coddling Islam and to redirect the nation’s attention away from the critical issues of the economy,unemployment, budget deficits, and national debt.  The news media has fixated on the process of how the incident was reported without placing any blame on the credibility of the Obama administration’s communications to the public.  Therefore, the critical issues of the election went to the back burner…..and Romney proved to be correct when he commented on the incident after the attack.

With a wink and a nod, Obama has once again “out flanked” his GOP rival and diverted attention away from his horrible record.  Of course, to the uninformed voters (40%) of the electorate, this will not matter.  But, some informed and supporters of the American way of life are paying attention.  Get out and vote!


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