Latest Ohio Poll – Obama Up By 9 Points!

Have the people of Ohio lost contact with reality?  Is there something in the drinking water that has voters hallucinating?  Or is it that James Carville is right: “The voter is basically dumb and lazy!”  The US has a trillion-dollar budget deficit  and a $16 Trillion national debt!  Unemployment has averaged 8%+  for almost 4 years!  Our foreign policy is in the dumper!  Heathcare has been transferred to the federal bureaucracy!  Unnecessary regulations from the EPA and NLRB are strangling businesses!  And a massive tax hike faces TAXPAYERS on Jan. 1, 2013!  Yet, there are people in America that will still vote for more of the same failed policies of Barack Obama!  God help us all!!!!

No…let’s save ourselves!  Get out and VOTE on Nov. 6!!!


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