Supreme Court Appointments: The Most Important Reason to Vote Obama Out

Forget unemployment, national debt, foreign policy, tax policy,  etc., the most compelling reason to elect Mitt Romney is to ensure that Barack Obama will not appoint left-leaning progressives to the Supreme Court during his second term in office. Most of the issues being discussed and getting the most attention from the press and campaigns are transitory in nature. Appointments to the Supreme Court, however, can change at the face of America for decades with a single decision since the Justices are appointed for life.  Currently the Supreme Court seems fairly balanced even with Justice Roberts’ decision on healthcare.  The issue is that Kennedy, Scalia, Ginsberg, and Breyer are all 75 years old or older!  And look at Obama’s choices as his appointees:  Kagan and Sotomayer!  Be careful, America, there is more than one way for patient socialists to overthrow democracy!

                2012 – VOTE FOR ROMNEY/RYAN


One response to “Supreme Court Appointments: The Most Important Reason to Vote Obama Out

  1. Bob, I fear this man will be reelected. At the Crab Carnival in West Point on Friday and Saturday, blacks were going up and down the streets with clip boards getting people registered to vote. It was the largest crowd we’ve ever had and blacks were in great numbers, more than past years. On the flip side, there were Republicans doing the same thing and I saw a lot more stickers on lapels that said, Romney/Ryan than “Obumma”.

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