The Libyan Crawfish

The terrorists attack on the American embassy in Libya has become an albatross around the neck of Obama.  The Obama story has changed more times than Biden changes his underwear!  First, it was a reaction to a YouTube video……Ambassador Rice said so!  It must be true!!!  Hillary later proclaimed it was a terrorist attack.  WH Press Secretary Carney’s head is turning like a spinning top as the media calls for answers.  And the Congressional Hearing into the lack of preparations for a 9/11 incident are moving like a tornado ready to tear what little credibility Obama had into shreds.  This window into the soul of the Obama administration should be the final nail in their re-election campaign.  They have crawfished long enough!  It is time for REAL CHANGE!    And honesty with the American people!!!

Romney/Ryan on Nov. 6th!!!

One response to “The Libyan Crawfish

  1. atlantic waters

    Real Change is what America needs right now. Hope November 6th will be a Romney/Ryan victory. It is time for the incompetents to leave DC. Bob, you have done your part in blogging about the changes that are needed and pointing out the incompetent actions taking place at the very top of our government. Thanks for your work.

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