Candy Leaves A Bad Taste In Our Mouth

Candy Crowley, moderator for the latest presidential debate, showed her left-wing side by supporting Obama’s description of the Libyan embassy attack.  Clearly, the White House never declared the attack the work of terrorists until more than a week after the attacks.   In fact, UN Ambassador Rice proclaimed that a YouTube video was the reason for the “unrest”  on five Sunday morning talk shows.  The Obama administration has attempted to cover their tracks since the attack took place.  Americans are not stupid!  Everyone knows the truth.  Obama’s apology tour and  his failed foreign policy are the reason for the increasing attacks in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  ‘Nuff said!!

Candy’s other mistake was in the choice of questions she made for the debate.  With all the issues facing this country, her choices were idiotic!  Idiotic and idealogical…..just like her!

Romney/Ryan on November 6th


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