Obama is “Not Optimal!”

President Obama visited with Jon Stewart, host of the Daily Show on the Comedy Channel, and proclaimed the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans in Benghazi on 9/11 was “not optimal!”  What is optimal for Obama?  Two lives lost?  As the POTUS, his statement was ridiculous….and sad.  Imagine that you are the parent, spouse, child, or sibling of a fallen hero.  Was the loss of your hero an optimal case for this president?  Obama’s aire of detachment from the loss of lives is proof positive that he does not deserve to be the leader of our country.  His “lead from behind” foreign policy is a complete failure as al-Qaeda’s influence is rapidly growing in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Al-Qaeda did not die with bin Laden.

Mr. Obama:  Do you know what is really “not optimal?”  You are suboptimal!!  In fact, you are unprepared to be the president.  My friends, as you go to vote on November 6th,  cast your ballot for a person qualified to lead the country; a person who will be proud to represent all of America; and a person that respects the supreme sacrifice made by thousands in far away places around the world.

Hopefully, Obama, you will begin an extended vacation in January 2013!



5 responses to “Obama is “Not Optimal!”

  1. Obama has stuck his foot in his mouth again. If Romeny can’t kick Obama’s butt on the foreign policy debate, he doesn’t deserve to be president. Donald Duck would have a more comprehensive policy than Obama. And what a terrible way to express the loss of American life in some distant cesspool half a world away. The empty suit needs to go…..

  2. Having an unqualified, terrorist appeasing, socialist as our President is “not optimal”.
    On Nov 6th, 2012, Obummer the Clown is goin’ down…spread it around!

  3. Kenneth Schechter

    Yet another example of how the worst president in the history of the worlds’ greatest nation sees EVERYTHING through the prism of his own convoluted narcicism, ego, and the “historic” significance of his election. An empty suit indeed.

  4. Obama is a sad excuse as POTUS! The election would be a landslide for Mitt if America has a brain and conscious!

  5. “The White House NOW says the attack probably was carried out by an al Qaida-linked group, with no public demonstration beforehand. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton blamed the “fog of war” for the early conflicting accounts.” (K. Dozier – HuffPost) The only fog in Washington is in the minds of the Obama Administration.

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