Seriously, America!!!! WTF were you thinking?

The results of the 2012 presidential election mean 4 more years of Congressional gridlock and 4 more years for Obama to push his Western European, quasi- socialist model on the battered and bruised American system of democracy.  Card check for Trumka’s unions and increasing EPA regulations will stifle businesses, small and large, and the full implementation of Obamacare will eventually bankrupt the country while delivering “not optimal” healthcare to millions of Americans.  Taxes will go up and already bloated government will continue to grow.  The stock market will tank and by the time 2016 rolls around our national debt will be over $20 Trillion.  Welcome to the enhanced version of America, the nanny state.

You have no excuses America…you did it to yourself!  A hyper-racial, failed president has been given a vote of confidence by masses of the entitlement-seeking, “blame someone else” for my problems, lazy, and uninformed voters.

Truly a sad day for America!!!


3 responses to “Seriously, America!!!! WTF were you thinking?

  1. atlantic waters

    Very well stated, Bob. The tipping point has been reached and America will forever be changed by this election. Constitutional law and our capitalist system will slip to the sidelines. A socialist state is now in place. May God have mercy on us.

  2. It is also sad that Americans are stupid enough to be swayed by the negative campaign that Obama ran. He called Romney a liar, then said he is a good man. And, I fear the GOP will not stand their ground on the budget and taxes. How can America elect a person with such a pathetic record. When dividends and interest are taxed as normal income, even the middle class will feel the hit. You are right, it is a sad day for America.

  3. Unfortunately, we are no longer living in the same country that we grew up in. Times have changed and we are probably fortunate that we only have around 20 years left to deal with it. Costa Rica or New Zealand may be a legitimate option.

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